Group of Companies

Asiamac International is made up of a few groups of companies that excel in thier area of field and expertise. Below shows our group of companies in more detail.

Dauf Pte Ltd

Dauf Pte Ltd specialize in top of the line In Car Navigation System. It have the most advanced All-In-One dvd system ever bulit.

Hon Yu Thailand Co., Ltd

Hon Yu headquarter in Taiwan and have R&D department to cater to the demand of the market trends and customer needs. We aims to be a global leader in auto accessories and manufacturing industry.

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Classic Cubic Co., Ltd

Classic Cubic Co., Ltd is a Japanese Cubic Licensee Printing Process. It has the the technology of bringing color to products. Artistic expressions being put into inanimated materials and make them come to life.

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Asiamac Investment Pte Ltd

This is Asiamac own investment arm.

AsiaMac Mission
We are dedicated to giving our customers the finest quality products and service available. Our customers are valued partners who permit us to remain in business and we are privileged to serve their needs.

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